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About Us

Welcome to Vivan, the all-in-one ordering platform for restaurants, bars, hotels and shops with an integrated marketplace for craft and organic beverages.

Founded in late 2021 by Claudio Cammelli (CEO) and Sinan Straub (COO), we are committed to providing a seamless and efficient ordering experience for our customers.

Our vision is to become the ultimate reference for craft and organic beverage purchasing for the European restaurant industry.
We recognize the importance of bringing value and visibility to organic and artisanal producers outside of mainstream channels, and making it easier for restaurants to work with quality products.

At Vivan, our mission is to provide the best ordering platform for the restaurant industry, enabling managers and sommeliers to streamline their daily work.
Our focus on promoting and selling the artisanal products found on our marketplace is our way of supporting the growth of small, independent producers and ensuring that customers receive quality products.

Our platform is accessible to all restaurants, bars, hotels and shops, but our sellers are exclusively producers and distributors of organic, natural and artisanal beverages. This exclusivity allows us to curate a selection of unique and high quality products for our customers.

The inspiration for Vivan came from Claudio's personal experience as a sommelier in bars and wine shops. He noticed the inefficiencies in the ordering and billing processes, which were time-consuming and disorganized. In addition, discovering new artisan products and keeping track of supplier catalogs was a challenging task. Vivan was created to provide a solution to these issues, addressing the needs of sommeliers and managers alike.

We are committed to providing an exceptional ordering experience and supporting the growth of independent producers. Join us in our mission to revolutionize the restaurant industry and make craft and organic beverages more accessible.

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