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The ordering platform and marketplace for the restaurant industry.
Vivan provides access to an incredible variety of natural wines, enabling conscious and joyful consumption everywhere – from bars and restaurants to hotels and more!
Vivan directly connects buyers from gastronomy with professional sellers of natural wine in Switzerland – simple, personal, and efficient.
With Vivan, ordering natural wine finally goes digital and simplifies transactions, shipping, and invoicing – save time and focus on the things you love to do.
Vivan is for

Bars, Restaurants, and more

Vivan directly connects restaurateurs with professional natural wine sellers in Switzerland – simple, personal, and efficient.
Vivan is for

Natural Wine producers and suppliers

Vivan is for

Bars, Restaurants and more


Vivan is for

Natural Wine producers and suppliers

Vivan directly connects the professional natural wine community in Switzerland

Suppliers upload their natural wine selection to the Vivan marketplace.
Buyers browse offerings from their favorite suppliers and new finds.
Buyers purchase from several distributors by placing a single order.
Vivan splits the orders to different suppliers.
Suppliers receive, approve, and ship orders simply and efficiently through the Vivan platform.
Vivan offers an additional, convenient delivery option at attractive prices.
Buyers receive a single invoice for orders from multiple suppliers.
Suppliers are paid faster with the Vivan payment management service.




Browse products

Browse products from various suppliers.

Quick reorder

Reorder everything you need in one click.

Quick invoicing

Receive only one invoice and pay it with one click – no matter how many suppliers you order from.



Upload portfolio

Simply upload your stock to the Vivan platform.

Track sales

Keep track of all your sales in a simple way.


See at a glance who has paid and who has not.
Benefits for

Bars, Restaurants, and others

Ordering from your most trusted natural wine suppliers has never been more convenient.

Save time

Connect, exchange, and order in a personal and straightforward way from multiple suppliers via a single digital application.

Get inspired

Browse attractive offerings and arrange in-person tastings with your favorite suppliers.

Keep the overview

Have a centralized organization of all your natural wine orders and invoices.

Be first

Benefit from special offers and promotions.
Benefits for

Producers and Suppliers

Reaching new buyers and managing transactions has never been easier.

Expand your sales

Promote and sell your wines to restaurants and bars across Switzerland through a single digital application.

Simplify your process

Save time, nerves, and money by digitizing your catalog and centrally managing communication, orders, transactions, shipping, and invoices.

Save on shipping

Use our shipping partner to effortlessly ship anywhere in Switzerland at a competitive price.

Increase cashflow

With the Vivan payment management, we help you get paid faster and with less stress.

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